Pre Conference Workshops

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  • The annual workshop on NEUROTOLOGY that we hold every year will be one of the pre-conference workshops of the 3rd Annual Conference of the INDIAN ACADEMY OF OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY HEAD and NECK SURGERY to be held in Kolkata from 26th to 28th of August 2016. The neurotology workshop is on 25th August (Thursday).

  • Patients suffering from vertigo and other types of balance disorders are a very big part of any ENTsurgeon’s practice. There is a paradigm change in our approach to the diagnosis and management of these conditions and what we were or are still doing to manage patients suffering from vertigo / imbalance needs a revolutionizing change. Today the underlying cause of most, if not all of these disorders can be diagnosed with utmost precision and all of them can be rationally and effectively treated. Other neurotological disorders like tinnitus and deafness that is not surgically correctable can be much better managed today.

  • Neurotology today is no longer an occult science as it used to be a few years back and today it is a complete evidence based medical discipline with excellent treatment outcomes. To give the best to your neurotological patients better than what any of them could have had anywhere else in the world, please attend the pre-conference workshop on NEUROTOLOGY. You, and more than you, your patients will regret it if you don’t attend this workshop. Register early, your patients deserve this from you.


  • 9-15 to 10-00am:-Clinical assessment of the DIZZY patient - Dr Fredrik Tjernström(Senior Consultant , Dept. OtoRhinoLaryngology, Head and NeckSurgery, Lund University Hospital, Sweden)
  • 10-00 to 10-45am:- Video Head Impulse Test - recapitulation and what’s new – Dr Anirban Biswas
  • 10-45 to 11-15am:- Adaptation and Learning in Postural Control - Dr Fredrik Tjernström
  • 11-15 to 11-45am :- a) Intratympanic and surgical treatment protocols for Definitive Meniere's Disease b) PSCC Occlusion for BPPV -Dr Sunil Dutt
  • 11-45 to 12-10pm:- Cutting Edge Advances in Vestibular Medicine including, diagnosis, management and the very latest thoughts in it -Dr Soumit Dasgupta (Consultant Audiovestibular Physician and Lead Clinician Audiovestibular Medicine, Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool, Visiting Consultant in Neurotology, Royal Bolton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Bolton, Consultant Neurotologist, Claremont Private Hospital, Sheffield, Hony. Lecturer, Audiology and Deafness, University of Manchester, UK)
  • 12-10 to 12-45pm:- Persistent Perceptive Postural Dizziness –one of the commonest causes of balance disorders – diagnosis and management - Dr Fredrik Tjernström
  • 12-45 to 1-15pm:-Vestibular Rehabilitation in the management of Bilateral Vestibular Disorders- Dr O. Nuri Ozgirgin (Ex-President of Politzer Society , President of the European Academy of Otology and Neurotology, Ankara , Turkey)
  • 1-15 to 1-30pm:- Neuro-cardiogenic Syncope and other causes of Falls – Dr Chetana Naik
  • 1-30 to 2-00pm- LUNCH
  • 2-00 to 2-45pm:- BPPV- all that is there to know in it - Dr Fredrik Tjernström
  • 2-45 to 3-00pm:- Latest thoughts on BPPV including the 7th variety of BPPV and its management- Dr Soumit Dasgupta
  • 3-00 to 3-30pm:- Chronic Recurrent Vestibulopathy - Dr O. Nuri Ozgirgin
  • 3-30 to 4-00pm:- The less used but very affordable investigations in the neurotology clinic -the Subjective Visual Vertical and the Dynamic Visual Acuity tests – Dr Anita Bhandari and Dr Anirban Biswas
  • 4-00 to 5-00pm :- The drugs used in vertigo – the cynics’ round table - Moderator- Dr Charuhas Jagtap, panellists Dr Ramesh Rohiwal, Dr Avinash Bijlani, Dr O. Nuri Ozgirgin , Dr Sonali Pandit, DrAnita Bhandari, Dr Anirban Biswas
  • 5-00 to 6-00pm:- Clearing our doubts in vertigo and imbalance – questions and answers

The following NEUROTOLOGY Programme will be a part of the main conference on 27th August, 2016.

NEUROTOLOGY SESSION in MAIN CONFERENCE 27th August 11-00am to 1-00pm and 2-00pm to 3pm

  • 11 to 11-30am:- The hoax of the audiovestibular tests – fallacies and limitations of the different tests - Dr Anirban Biswas
  • 11-30 to 12-00noon:-What is so special about the head impulse test? -Dr Fredrik Tjernström (University of Lund, Sweden)
  • 12-00 noon to 12-30pm:- Treatment of Meniere’s disease- What’s new? - Dr O. Nuri Ozgirgin (Ankara, Turkey)
  • 12-30 to 12-50:- Vertiginous Migraine – the ideal prophylactic therapy?
  • 12-50 to 1-10pm:- Psychogenic Vertigo - when to suspect and how to treat?
  • 2-00 to 3-00pm:- Panel Discussion on Management of Vertigo what is ethical and what is rational – Moderator Dr Anirban Biswas; Panellists:- Dr O. Nuri Ozgirgin, Dr Fredrik Tjernström, Dr Soumit Dasgupta (consultant audiovestibular physician Manchester UK), Dr Sonali Pandit, Dr M V Kirtane, Dr Swapan Mukherjee (neurologist) , Dr Alakananda Dutta (psychiatrist)

Convenor :

Dr. Anirban Biswas

Venue: Swissotel

Time: 9am onwards


  • The annual workshop on Sleep Related Breathing Disorders (SRBD) that we hold every year will be one of the Pre-Conference workshops of the 3rd Annual Conference of the INDIAN ACADEMY of OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY HEAD AND NECK SURGERY.The SRBD workshop will be on 25th August(Thursday).

  • 1. Patients suffering from Snoring, Sleep Apnoea and different Sleep Disorders are a very big part of any ENT Surgeon's practice.

  • 2.This workshop too would be in line with our previous workshops for updating clinicians specially ENT Surgeons,Paediatricians,Chest physicians, Cardiologists, Neurologists,Bariatric Surgeons,Endocrinologists on one of the most vexing medical disorders namely SRBD.

  • 3. There is a paradigm shift in our approach to evaluate, assess, diagnose and treat these disorders.Today the exact cause of sleep disorder and precise locations of obstruction can be diagnosed with utmost precision and all of them can be rationally and effectively treated.

  • 4. The purpose of the course will be to orient clinicians on the latest trends like OSA in Syndromic babies, Robotic Tongue Base, Hypoglossal Nerve Pacemaker etc. apart from basics and routine job including Pathophysiology, PSG Scoring, Sleep Endoscopy, CPAP Titration etc.

  • To offer the best to your OSA patients better than what any of them could have had anywhere else in the world, please attend the pre-con workshop on SNORING and SLEEP APNOEA.

Convenors :

Dr. Dipankar Datta
Dr. Uttam Agarwal
Joint Convenor

Venue: Bellevue Clinic

Time: 9am onwards

Head & Neck Oncology Workshop  

Head & Neck Oncology workshop is being held in association with FHNO(Foundation Head Neck Oncology) at Apollo Hospital, Kolkata

  • Head and Neck oncology has undergone massive changes over the years with radical advances in treatment protocol and with definite better outcome. It has come a long way from discussing survival rates to potentially curable cancers and quality of life.Targeted therapy, gamma knife,Lasers and robotics are here…to have a multimodality approach to deal with the most challenging situations in head neck oncology.

  • As head and neck oncosurgeons we have to keep constantly updating ourselves with the recent advances and also look back and retrospect and rediscover.This workshop will be a perfect blend of that with renowned National and International Faculty to enrich your knowledge .

  • The highlight of the work shop would be Robotics and Robotic Surgery .Other highlights would be brainstorming sessions on multimodality approach in salvage situations in head and neck oncology and locoregional reconstructions and rehabilitation in head and neck cancer. On behalf of the organising team I welcome you all to be a part of this unique scientific programme.

Convenors :

Dr.Aniruddha Dam
Dr. Sukrit Bose

Venue: Apollo Gleneagles Hospital

Time: 9am onwards

Nasal Endoscopic Surgery Workshop

  • 1. A one day pre conference workshop on basic and advanced Endoscopic Surgery

  • 2. In-depth. CT-scan anatomy of the sinuses

  • 3. Live endoscopic sinus surgery (depending on availability of cases)

Convenors :

Dr.Arunabha Sengupta

Venue: SSKM Hospital

Time: 9am onwards

Laryngology and Phonosurgery Workshop

  • The voice workshop will have live surgical demonstration by national and international experts (including LASER, Coblation and Cold-steel ), talk and lectures on various sub-topics and hands-on training of Stroboscopy, LASER on animal larynx, assessment protocol of swallowing disorders. Instead of conventional workshops this will involve interactive sessions with active participation of delegates. The proposed national faculty will include giants like Dr Sachin Gandhi, Dr K K Handa and Dr Rakesh Datta while Dr Abir Bhattacharya will grace the workshop as international faculty. We also plan to have a panel discussion on "Application of different techniques in phonosurgery" and thus we can have a cross-section of ideas on management plans of different voice disorders.

Convenors :

Dr. Kaushik K. Das
Dr. Biswarup Mukherjee

Venue: AMRI Mukundapur

Time: 9am onwards

Skull Base Workshop

  • Endoscopic Anterior Skullbase Surgery is a collaborative discipline involving both Otolaryngologist and Neurosurgeon. It is fitting, therefore, for the Indian Academy of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery to collaborate with The Park Clinic, Kolkata, a centre of neurosurgical excellence in Eastern India, to bring you a workshop on the subject.To be held on the 25th of August 2016 it will be a prelude to the Third National Conference of the IAOHNS.

  • The Faculty will be Professors P Narayanan and V Waran from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the academic feast promises to be engaging for both neurosurgeons and otolaryngologists alike.

  • It is our pleasure to invite you on the occasion, and we hope you will find time from your busy schedule to attendthe deliberations. The workshop is open to both Otolaryngologists and Neurosurgeons. The registration fee for Consultants/ senior Residents is Rs 2000, and for PGT's (with bona fide letter) Rs 900. Registration fee will be collected at the venue, but Otolaryngologists must register through the IAOHNS 2016 website or off line.

Convenors :

Dr. Sandip Chatterjee
Dr. Ranjan Raychowdhury

Venue: The Park Clinic

Time: 9am onwards


  • The Temporal Bone is probably one of the most complicated pieces of human anatomy that God ever created. Such a high concentration of so many vital structures in an area so small is hardly seen in any other part of our body.
  • It takes years of rigorous practice in the temporal bone lab for one to master the 3D orientation of the anatomy and the interpersonal relations between the different structures. But where sometimes even the masters falter is the interpretation of the temporal bone anatomy/pathology on a CT or MR image. All of us have encountered the situation where we have put up the CT/MR image on the view box with a lot of trepidation, in front of the patient and then have very quietly taken a peek at the accompanying report and discussed the image with the patient as if we ourselves have analysed the scan.

  • This workshop is aimed at overcoming that hesitation, that apprehension one commonly encounters while analysing a temporal bone image.

  • As Hampton’s handbook on ECG says, “The ECG is like an elephant. Once seen never forgotten.” This workshop is based on the same philosophy. Getting the delegates familiarised with the complex anatomy of the temporal bone on both the CT and MR scan, its correlation on dissected temporal specimens (as far as possible) and also identifying the various pathologies.

  • Interpretation of Temporal Bone Imaging is like solving a jigsaw puzzle. If you fit the right piece in the right place you end up with a beautiful picture, but once you use a wrong piece, the entire picture goes haywire. So if you love solving jigsaw puzzles, you would definitely love this workshop.

Convenor :

Dr . Manoj Agarwal
Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Workshop

Program Highlight :

    • 1. Short Lecture :
    •     a. Principles of surgical treatment of facial bone fractures.
    •     b. Facial soft tissue repair.
    •     c. Facial flaps.
  • 2. Hands-on training on bone model.
  • 3. Basic Aesthetic Procedures.

Course Objectives :

  • 1. Unique course targeted for ENT Surgeons with special interest in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as their subspeciality.
  • 2. The main objective of this course is to impart knowledge to manage facial trauma in our daily practice and Basic Facial aesthetic procedures.

Convenor :

Dr. Jayanth Kumar Prakash
Dr(Col)N Ramakrishnan
Joint Convenor

Venue: Command Hospital

Time: 9am onwards

Cochlear Implant Workshop


Convenors :

Dr. Mohan Kameswaran
Dr. Neelam Vaid
Joint Convenor

Venue: Command Hospital

Time: 9am onwards